What Is Trade Jobs


Recruiting for the trades industries is costly and inefficient. Not only do the current offerings for recruitment of talent cost money, they also produce a majority of candidates that are not qualified or do not meet the specific requirements of the job leaving the employer sifting through unqualified candidates and spending precious time that could be used for growth.


Trade Jobs will serve as the go-to recruitment platform for the trades industries. This online recruiting platform will allow employers to immediately find pre-qualified candidates based off their licenses and qualifications while allowing job seekers to find and apply for jobs that best match their skillset. This combination will allow for a streamlined recruiting process that saves time and money.


The trades industries would benefit from a recruitment platform that pre-qualified candidates and matched them with jobs according to their licenses, certifications, job experience and qualifications. This will help employers find better quality candidates faster while at the same time, set up candidates for success in a long-term career that fits their skillset.


Trade Jobs will be the go-to recruiting source for both employers and job seekers by 2025 because matching qualified talent with open jobs shouldn’t be expensive or difficult.

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