Job Title    Warehouse / Inventory Controller
Pay Range    18.00 – 25.00
Work Hours
Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM with a 1/2 hour for lunch.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Technical school graduate
  • Type II or better refrigerant certification

Basic Job Function

  • Maintaining a clean, neat, organized, and efficient warehouse and parts
  • Maintaining both the truck and building inventories at the proper seasonal
  • Handling all the incoming and outgoing shipments of materials and

Reporting Relationships

  • Warehouse / Inventory Controllers report directly to the Installation
  • No one reports directly to the Warehouse / Inventory
  • Warehouse / Inventory Controllers have a functional relationship with the Maintenance and Service Technicians, Installers, Dispatcher, Service Manager, and the Office Manager.

Specific Authority

  • The Warehouse / Inventory Controller has Authority to order stock items to keep the total parts inventory within the predetermined seasonal ranges with purchasing power up to $2,000 per month. Special order items must be approved in advance by the Installation Manager.


  • Provide and promote a positive and winning attitude at all
  • Always treat all customers and coworkers with dignity and
  • Arrive at the warehouse on time and ready to begin work every
  • Be neatly groomed and fully dressed in only a clean company approved
  • Always use a Safety First approach to all
  • Always use the proper safety clothing, tools, and precautions before beginning any
  • Maintaining the proper levels of all parts and equipment inventory at all times as per the seasonal
  • Return all parts and equipment ordered in error, defective or covered under warranty to their proper supplier and document each item returned.
  • Keep the Dispatcher apprised of your location at all
  • Complete Training Program for your

Principal Duties

  • Keep the warehouse and yard clean, neat, organized, and safe at all
  • Ensure that all parts and equipment are properly stocked in a neat, orderly, and easy to identify fashion and are fully accounted for in the inventory.
  • Unload and inspect all deliveries prior to
  • Ensure that all received materials are in good working condition, free of any visible defects or damage, are properly accounted for in the paperwork and are quickly put into stock.
  • Pull all parts and equipment for sold jobs as per the job
  • Inventory and restock all parts returned from sold
  • Ensure that all packaged kits are fully stocked and inventoried and ready for immediate
  • Ensure all waste is removed from the building and deposited in the dumpsters
  • Ensure all spray bottles are full, drop clothes are clean and folded, rags are on hand, booties are in stock, and all nitrogen, propane and acetylene tanks are filled and stored properly.
  • Insure all tools stored in the tool crib are signed out for upon each usage by the responsible user, returned promptly upon completion of the specific use and then checked for complete functional operation and safety before being returned to the tool crib.
  • Pick-up and deliver parts and equipment whenever
  • Fulfill all truck stock request forms from field personnel daily and process
  • Reclaim all refrigerant into master tank and always maintain a proper refrigerant
  • Maintain a clean and neat delivery truck at all
  • Participate in all company, Maintenance, Service, and Installation training
  • Complete Training Program for your
  • Utilize the internet based technical training offered by the

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Job Overview
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