About the Company

Ron Lipps Electric Services has been serving customers since 1986.

Lipps Electric is an expert electrical contractor company that specializes in a range of residential projects, from small home improvements to custom home designs. Our top priority is to guide our customers toward safety, providing stylish and custom solutions to ensure they feel secure and proud of their electrical systems.

Our mission is to:

✅ Triple our custom home/remodel revenues

✅ Become the top value-providing service team in the city

✅ Serve 7,500 clients within the next 5 years.

We’re seeking passionate and organized team members with a desire to learn and utilize our processes so that you can be successful and take care of our customers. Your role on the Service Team, Projects Team, Install team and/or our Management Team is critical for our success, and we are seeking people who fully embody our core values. Here are ours:

✅ Show People You Care:

Both teammates and customers. Say please and thank you. Seek first to understand. Catch each other ‘doing something right’ instead of pointing out only when things are wrong. Be proud of your work.
✅ Pursue Mastery & Growth

Strive to always grow and improve, master your craft. Keep providing tips for improvement and absorb knowledge as it comes your way.
✅ Our clients can count on us. We do what we say we’re going to do

Have high integrity. Be honest and use common sense to solve issues as they arise. This means practicing things like kind candor, holding each other accountable, and striving to leverage one another’s strengths.

Company Overview
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